5 Flats In Kakkanad You Should Check Out Before You Buy


                 Hunting for flats in Kakkanad can be overwhelming as there are too many options available. It is especially so if you’re too picky or if you have budget constraints.


                                     So here’s our list of some of the projects you should check out in kakkanad. Remember these properties are around kakkanad junction/collectorate junction that offers great accessibility towards Infopark, Kalamassery, Thrippunithura, Palarivattom. 


Also, All the properties are either ready to move in or will ready within a year or two. So, Here we go.


EV Sinai

                This is a beautifully designed project with just enough amenities at a reasonable price. It is quite close to Kakkanad Junction [ less than a km away from kakkanad junction towards kalamassery side ] 


          It is built as a single tower with a total of 38 apartments in 38 cents. IKR! it rhymes. It has 10 floors with 4 flats on each floor.

            This is one of those flats in kakkanad that you need to hurry up to get your deal. Because it’s almost sold out. As of now, there are only 3bhk available. To check out its 3bhk variants go here.


                This project was handed over in mid-2015. It has all basic amenities like well, power backup, etc except centralized gas.

        It also has a gym, kids play area, rooftop party area

 and a luxurious looking lobby.


      In short, If the swimming pool is not in your checklist and you are okay with dealing with gas delivery, then EV Sinai would be just right for you.

  Because let’s not forget EV Sinai is in a really good location and prices are reasonable too.


Pros Cons
No swimming pool
Reasonable Price
No Centralized gas connection

                   This is one of those gold you probably were missing if you were searching for flats in Kakkanad. This gem is just 4km away from kakkanad junction. 


              This one again is an option if you are not adamant about having a swimming pool. Unlike EV Sinai, this apartment in kakkanad is under-construction and is expected to be ready by end of 2020.


      This is a single tower project in 47cents of land with a total of 85 apartments. It has 17 floors with 6 apartments on each floor.





Also, this project has three levels of parking starting from the ground floor. So even if you buy an apartment on the first floor, it will feel like you’re on the fourth floor.

                    Actually, the project is already in an elevated place, so you will feel higher than that.


                      It has a wide range of variations and pricing available. Options start at 33lacs and go up to 73 lacs. If you want to see more details on NSD Pristine Greens, go here


   Also, on google, you would see this project as jewel pristine greens. Well, that’s because the project was launched by jewel homes and later taken over by NSD Group. Thought you should know that! 🙂  


           Right Now NSD is offering free kitchen cupboards or a set of convertible sofa/bed and tea table/work table.




Pros Cons
No swimming pool
Right time to get a good deal before it gets completed.
3 level parking
Biometric entrance [ high security 😉 ]
Offer Going On.

                               If you are were hunting for flats in kakkanad for some time, then this one needs no introduction.


           Coming from a builder like Asset Homes, this one is equipped with all modern amenities.


      It is designed as a single tower project in 70 cents of land with a total of 62 apartments.



 Asset Homes, being a reputed builder, and providing all the amenities that it does, it’s pricing range starts at 70+ lacs.    


      Asset Alpine Oaks’s location is a little tricky. It is situated in Desiya Mukku road, near NGO quarters.

            Seeing the location, you might say that its not a bus route. But like the two sides of a coin, that is exactly the reason why you will have easy accessibility to both the kakkanad side and palarivattom side.

           The project is just a km away from the Vazhakkala junction [palarivattom side] and one km away from NGO Quarters [Kakkanad Side].  


Pros Cons
Location benefit to kakkanad and palarivattom
Under construction, getting ready in 2022.
All modern amenities

                         Classic Avenir Suits is one of those flats in Kakkanad that are not really known, partly because it’s not yet ready to move in. It is expected to get ready by 2021 August.


                The location of this apartment is such that it’s between Infopark And Kakkanad. So If You were looking for flats near Infopark but do not want something in the edachira side, then this would be just right for you.


            This project is 1.3km from Kakkanad junction and 2.3km from Infopark.



        This is a single tower project in 45cent of land with a total of just 34apartments. It has 10floors with 4 apartments on each floor.


        There are only 3bhks available here with prices starting from 70-75lacs.

              If you want to see various 3bhk options, go here


Pros Cons
Located between Infopark and Kakkanad Junction.
Under construction
Least Apartment density of all.
No 2bhks available

                             This Project is just less than a km away from Asset Alpine Oaks. So it has the same location advantage of easy access to both Kakkanad side and palarivattom side.


              This project does not have 3 bhk options. Rather it has compact 2bhks at affordable rates. 


              Its a single tower project in 34 cents with a total of 55 apartments. It has 11 floors with 5 flats on every floor.


Pros Cons
Location benefit to kakkanad and palarivattom
Under Construction
Economic prices.
No 3bhks


                         And always remember you will need to sacrifice either in price, location, or amenities. So be sure of what you need. Then your home buying will be a lot easier.


                              Now Over to you, tell us which one did you think is the best option in kakkanad…


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