How To Check Details Of Your Dream Home In Kerala Rera

Kerala RERA, What Is It.

Rera [Real Estate Regulatory Authority] is a government body incorporated to protect the interests of the homebuyers. 

     In the past, there has been a lot of cases of project delays and channeling the funds into other projects of the builder. Also of not delivering the projects as per the committed quality or not delivering it at all.

      With RERA, the government has decided to put a stop to this. Now Builders need to abide by many rules to pull off a project. 

     They need to get all the necessary permits before construction begins. They also need to register every project under RERA and constantly upload the status of the projects to the RERA official website.  

Kerala RERA was implemented in January Of 2020. And hence any project that finished construction before that does not need to be registered under RERA.

So The one thing to note as a homebuyer is that your potential home must be registered with RERA, otherwise you will not be able to file a complaint under RERA. 

How To Check Your Project Details On Kerala Rera

     Let's say if you are looking to get the details On the project Asset Alpine Oaks In Kakkanad. This is how you can do it.

  1. Go to RERA official website.
  2. Click On Projects. Scroll down to find the project [in this case no:62]. Unfortunately, the search option does not return any results.
  3. Click On the pdf file to download it. You will be able to see the following details in it.
kerala rera official website
kerala rera project details pdf
kerala rera certificate of registration

As of now, there are not many details that are made available in it but more details will be made available on the website in the future. 

Main Things To Look For In RERA Kerala

 Even though there isn’t a lot of information in this pdf, there are a couple of things you should check.

  1. Proposed Date Of Completion/Possession Date: Its important to know the date that they have registered with RERA Kerala, regardless of the date the builder might have told you. If the builder delays the project after this proposed date, you will be entitled to a monthly interest every month on the amount you have paid. Also, if you wish to withdraw your booking, you can get a refund from the builder along with interest. To know more about penalties and grievance redressals you can check out RERA Kerala’s official page about this.
  2. Expiry Of RERA registration and Municipality Permits: Expiry of both should be checked so that you know it’s valid and enforceable before the law. 


What To Expect In The Future

 It is expected that soon the Kerala RERA website will be upgraded to provide many more details. 

For example, in the state of Karnataka, you can check

  1. The total area and cost of the land designated for the project, 
  2. The architects, engineers, contractors appointed for the project. 
  3. And download individual permits from various government authorities.
  4.  How are the basic amenities [like water, electricity, sanitation etc] planned for the project?
  5. The construction status of the project and the latest photos.




          The Kerala RERA website is still in its infancy and needs to advance a lot on user-friendliness and the amount of information available on the website. 


          Having said that, it is still a great way for consumers to make sure their investments are safe, even if the builders falter.                      


         Also, one important thing to note is that projects that finished construction before January 2020 do not need to register with RERA. 



         As a homebuyer, you should always ask if the project is RERA registered and verify it too.